Acai, the little known ingredient that will save our skin

In Brazil, we find acai everywhere. Known in France, this “purple gold” is a true ally of the daily for all Brazilians. Considered a superfruit, this little berry contains indeed many benefits, especially for our beauty!

A Brazilian treasure

Harvested the tops of towering palms in the Amazon forest nicknamed “Trees of Life”, the acai berry, the smell fruity and delicious, was once used by indigenous Amazonian warriors to give their energy and force. Pataxó Indian, a Brazilian indigenous tribe in the state of Bahia, consume his generation juice to remain young and beautiful. And if passed?

The Allied perfect skin

Good superfruit acai is full of vitamins , minerals and other nutrients that give it a regenerating, soothing and restorative , it is consumed or applied directly on the skin.

Thanks to its high content of antioxidants very powerful, including polyphenols, acai is a great ally in the fight against the ravages of time on the skin. By blocking the free radicals that attack our skin daily (caused by pollution, sun, tiredness , screens …), it protects the skin from stress oxidative and aging premature . The production of collagen and elastin is boosted

Its composition in fatty acids including omega-9 allows it to deeply nourish the skin and rebalance its lipid content. The skin becomes softer, more supple and firm .

Also highly concentrated in vitamins A, C and E, it helps make the radiant complexion .

Finally, its anti-inflammatory properties make this small fruit an effective remedy against acne .

The trick to writing aufeminin Brazil: Incorporate some acai oil drops in all our treatments to boost their virtues!

Good shopping

And if we were incorporated as acai our ritual beauty , from the shower? With the range Ushuaia Bahia do Brasil include all benefits and gourmand fragrances treasures of beauty in Brazil, to be transported in the purest tradition of Brazilians!

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