12 external factors that damage my skin

Metro, work, sleep and outputs, children, junkfood … Our credo? Living to 100 per hour. But beware, the frantic pace of our lives can sensitize our skin and aging ACCELERATE! Small report of our everyday demons.

Wrinkles, dryness, loss of firmness, tightness, irritation … Oxidative stress, caused by many external factors, increases the sensitivity of the skin and its aging, which is not only related to time, but also to our environment . Aufeminin draws you non-exhaustive list of all the little everyday things that do not help …

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Tobacco is taboo, even for skin© Mars Distribution

Tobacco is taboo, even for skin Prefer a good fruit cocktail in a glass of alcohol For beautiful skin, sleep! Sports, yes, but in moderation What if we instead had a nice salad? Breathe! Stress gives wrinkles Smartphone, TV, computer ... Here we go easy on The sun, the enemy of our skin Pull covered! The cold weakens our skin Please note, yo-yo dieting alters the skin tissue

Tobacco : We already knew, smoking is taboo. Harmful to the lungs, teeth, do not forget that it is also a disaster for the skin. Smoking causes permanent oxidation of cells. This results in the production of free radicals in quantities. Dermis support the proteins are altered, the elastic fibers lose their maintenance. Blood circulation and oxygenation of tissues are thereby disturbed.

Alcohol : Excessive alcohol consumption slows the production of collagen, making the skin less elastic. Alcohol may also aggravate sensitive skin problems and promote acne, rosacea, psoriasis …

Lack of sleep : As the skin needs his sleep to repair and purify. Chronic sleep deprivation accelerate the signs of skin aging , slowing its regeneration, disrupt the epidermal barrier. Sleep also helps to strengthen the defenses of sensitive skin against the aggressions of the next day. According to the analysis, the good sleepers are more satisfied with their physical appearance and more comfortable on the eyes they are that small sleepers.

Sport : Sport is the perfect leisure to remain firm, but also fight oxidative stress. But beware, in high doses, it boosts our production of free radicals, cells that age our skin.

The junkfood : The sugar in the sodas and other junkfood stick to collagen and elastin would harm (these elements that our skin to remain both firm and flexible). Too much sugar favor sagging and wrinkle formation!

Stress : In the long term, anxiety affects the appearance. The stress is upon all organs and is particularly visible at the skin: dark circles, wrinkles, but also dull skin, enlarged pores (or acne), drawn features, skin thins are the lot of anguished. Stress can also promote the development of certain dermatological diseases, or more frequently of little annoyances (tightness, itching, redness …).

Screens : Smartphone, TV, computer … Set a screen for too long would create premature wrinkles between the eyebrows (frown lines), at the cross-roads. In addition, spending long hours in the same sitting position that facial skin relaxes and chin splits; face sags.

The sun : Dry skin, more pronounced wrinkles, loss of elasticity, pigmentation … It is well known that UV accelerates aging by acting on skin cells and breaking the chains DNA. It is strongly advised to use good protection. However, we need a sufficient dose of light per day for not desynchronize our internal clock. Protection from the sun, of course, but the escape, certainly not.

Cold : To fight against the cold and wind, the skin sets up a defense reaction. This reaction prevents skin cells to function normally and dehydrated because sebum production, protective film of our skin decreases. Result: the skin weakens, becomes more sensitive and loses elasticity. – The yo-yo dieting : In general, the yo-yo dieting does not bring anything good. But did you know that these repeated weight gains and losses (more than 5 kilos a year) have the effect of altering the ligaments that support the soft tissues of the face? Its shape is changed, and wrinkles form. – Pollution : Carbon monoxide, ozone and other particles in suspension, very harmful to the skin … pollution would cause skin aging, dehydration, development of acne complexion dull, degradation of cellular material … That’s bad! – air conditioning : Other dehydration provider, and therefore the terms of wrinkles, air conditioning. Working directly under ventilation, for example, dry up especially clear or reactive skin.

A miracle solution?

Stop time ? Not possible. Cut the world? We will avoid. Fortunately, there are 3 a little less radical solutions.

  • Hydration daily: proper hydration helps re-established in the skin barrier, strengthens the natural defenses of the skin and reduces the adhesion of polluting particles
  • Protect yourself with sunscreen … all year: as soon as the first rays show it adopts a protection adapted to filter UVA cause aging of the skin, and burning and dryness UBD officials
  • Choose a good antioxidant: Oxidation is responsible for wrinkles on 4 5. 4 wrinkles and a loss of hyaluronic acid (a miracle molecule that provides hydration, suppleness and firmness to the skin), and a frown ensured. Oxidative stress, which increases our production of free radicals, thus the main cause of skin aging. Real superhero skin, antioxidants are there to neutralize free radicals.

We choose a healthier lifestyle, so we concocts youth juice will slow on certain foods , you stop smoking, it is protected from the sun, itrelaxes , and we opt for beauty products tailored to recover a skin smoother, more radiant, that defends better!

Good shopping

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