10 years younger: 10 commandments to look younger

And if we could rejuvenate 5 to 10 years while remaining natural? Pending the invention of the elixir of youth, we give you 10 tips, if not mandatory, to adopt genuine lifestyle to defy the passage of time.

1. Pamper your skin

To take a good shot of old, nothing like a dry skin, dull, tired. According to a scientific study *, a woman can look more aged 10 to 12 years depending on the homogeneity of her complexion!Suffice to say it is crucial to pamper, moisturize and wake her skin with a lot of care tailored to their needs. The goal: to fight against wrinkles while unifying skin tone.

As always, station sun , which definitely is the worst enemy of our skin. Prevention against free radicals, we opt for a product with a SPF and protection against UVA. And that’s good, that’s what offers Hyaluron-Filler CC Cream of Eucerin . Available in 2 colors, this CC Cream wrinkle is stuffed with hyaluronic acid for triple action: plump surface wrinkles, fill the inside and stimulate the natural production of hyaluronic acid in the skin. Used instead of day cream and the foundation (or basic makeup ), it promises a more uniform complexion, smooth and bright.

Serum, day cream, night care, eye … Once the perfect routine and action taken, no question of neglecting the application . The golden rule: the face downward push is avoided (it already does well alone) and instead we got down to defy the laws of gravity. This is done by the neck to go back to the front, and the center of the face to the top of the cheekbones. Push-up effect guaranteed.

We do not forget the other areas that betray us. On hands and décolleté, we agree a delicate exfoliation and a plumping mask once or twice a week, and a targeted treatment daily.

2. Work on your posture

To gain speed, parting is said to arched back and is recovering. The technique ? Contracting the abs (without blocking breathing), open shoulders and grow up imagining a wire pulls us up. We adopt a dancer approach, light, feline, whatever our age. Flexibility exercises and yoga are good ways to adopt a perfect posture in everyday life.

3. Choose a custom makeup

To win few years, nothing prevents us to cheat a little, but still sparingly. It opts for anti-aging makeup light, just enough to illuminate, develop and offer us a fresh mine, dew illuminated.

In preparation , wrinkles on gum large smoothing base reinforcement (to be applied only on affected areas ). Then, opt for a good liquid foundation suitable for smoothing skin tone that is applied to the center of the face up towards the outside. We say yes to concealer, but in small doses. Just enough to brighten the eyes, without freezing. Another recipe for défatiguer look : darken the eyebrows, which tend to lighten over time. It plucks below to open the eye and gently reshapes the upper line of the eyebrow with an eye in the same tone or pencil. For lips , you think of lipsticks containing collagen to give volume and smooth out small wrinkles.

4. Find the right look

The key to a “young” look is to choose the right cuts, clean shapes in beautiful materials. No need to delve into the dressing teenagers or otherwise fall into the overdose of sophistication . We opt for a casual chic look with timeless clothing.

The good tips:
– When the arms begin to lose firmness, the focus is on long sleeves, or just above the elbow.
– Avoided the bra push- up, which is wrinkle skin deep in the chest.

Above all it is important to choose clothes in which you feel beautiful, and it shows!

5. Move

As we know, sport is the best ally for a healthy mind in a healthy body … and young. The right recipe? A cardio strand to circulate blood (good blood circulation helps bring more nutrients and oxygen to the skin), a weight strand to strengthen the skin and prevent its release.

As a bonus, the Sport increases the production of collagen and fights free radicals . Combined with a balanced diet, it is also the best way to see fly a few extra kilos. Always good to take for a facelift.

6. Opt for a youth scheme

And if we saw again our eating habits?
Program: consume foods that contain vitamins and minerals necessary for the repair of old and damaged skin and make full of antioxidants to fight free radicals that accelerate the aging process. We find such high-dose antioxidants in almonds, lemon, garlic, dark chocolate, berries …

7. Laugh

Stress is largely responsible for wrinkles and aging skin. The best solution to relax, be free? Laughter! It limits the production of stress hormones and causes the facial muscles to relax. Even when one is alone, a good little humorous video on the internet and voila.

8. Find the right cut

A good hairstyle can change everything. We run to the hairdresser to energize, provide volume, natural motion, and choose the color that will brighten the complexion and will camouflage the gray hair . Guaranteed lifting effect.

We do not forget to care for his mane, using shampoos shine and volume, and care formulated collagen to plump, shaping and give strength to hair.

9. Sleep well

Clear signs of fatigue, tension hunt, remove toxins … Sleeping has nothing but good. Indeed, cell regeneration takes place at night , with peak activity between 23 hours and 3 am. Ideal sleep time? 6 to 8 hours a night. Combined with a specific firmness care, these few hours of rest have a magical effect on your face.
And to make up the missing hours, nothing like a good nap.

10. Adopt the right philosophy

Stay young, or be again, it is also understood that there is no age for a lot of things we tend to deprive over the years. No, there is no age to picnic on the grass in the summertime, there is no age to go dancing through the night, he does there is no age to flirt, there is no age to sing his favorite song in the mirror. So we get rid of our prejudices related to age, and refuses to see his passions or his small pleasures away with time. Believe it, young spirit is reflected on the outside!

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